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Complete cashew fruit juice making line
Información básica

Modelo: 500kg/h, 1000kg/h, 1.5-2tons/h

Descripción del producto Fruits juice processing line: natural fruit juice production line (fruit as raw material), with pulp juice production line, the deployment of fruit juice production line (concentrated fruit juice as raw material).
Production process: fruit processing including fruit juice or selection of cleaning and conveying, beating extraction (equipment should be a reasonable choice of equipment according to the fruit and the product characteristics), clarifying and filtering, mixing, homogenizing, degassing, sterilizing, filling, after sterilization, drying, labeling, inspection, marking, packing (heat shrinkable film packaging), storage.

Production equipment including: reverse osmosis pure water machine, water tank, pressure system, fruit washing machine, fruit picking machine, crushing machine, juicer, beater, enzyme killing machine, centrifugal filter, storage tank, mixing tank, homogenization, degassing machine, UHT sterilization machine, filling machine (according to the packing form different filling machine), sterilization machine, labeling machine, printing machine, heat shrinkable film packaging machine, CIP online cleaning system etc..
Technical features:

Raw materials: apple, peach, pear, mango, pineapple, etc..

Finished products: fresh fruit juice, fruit juice drink, pulp beverage,

Production capacity: 2 tons / day -500 tons / day

Packing: PET bottles, cans, glass bottles and other aseptic brick.


Grupos de Producto : Máquinas de verduras, frutas y alimentos

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